Fellow AAHAM Members,

How are you? I realize that while I ask this question, I am staring at my laptop screen, not really expecting an answer from any of you.  How often during a day, week or year do we ask this question of others? Do we really listen to the answer or is it just an acceptable social gesture that we have come to expect of others and ourselves?

Listening is a skill that not everyone possesses.  We all know that one person who listens with the intent of responding rather than reflecting first.  So where am I going with this?  Our chapter strives to bring you meaningful education and information.  If you have any topic ideas for future meetings, please reach out to one of our board members.  This is helpful information when planning our future for the Minnesota Gopher Chapter, one that you can be part of.

I am becoming reflective as we get close to our November meeting, as this will be my last as your MN Gopher AAHAM President.  I have had the pleasure of serving two terms as your President and I am honored that you have had faith in me to lead this chapter.  As I reflect on the state of our chapter four years ago and where our chapter sits today, I am confident that the future leaders of our organization will continue to lead MN AAHAM with a strong and motivated passion.

I look forward to seeing each of you in St. Cloud for our November meeting.


Marie Murphy